Friday, April 17, 2009

Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner Review

This woman is pretty amazing at making money online, in 2002 she made over $400,000 from affiliate revenue! As I've been trying to achieve financial freedom by making money online from home I paid the $50 for her Super Affiliate Handbook ebook and I'm really impressed.

I've studied the ebook for six weeks and started to put what I've learnt into practice and it's already making a difference. I have 5 affiliate websites and on a very good day would make $25 and on a bad day just $5, been stuck at these figures for 6+ months. Being from the UK means there's no way I could give up my day job on these affiliate revenue figures!

As a side note it's quite irritating for someone from the UK having to talk about affiliate commissions in US dollars: 90% plus of affiliates pay in US$ :-)

Anyway, the changes I've made so far have increased my daily affiliate revenue by about 30%, I know this isn't a lot of money to many Internet marketers, but it's quite a lot to me and my family and the changes I've made are very scalable. I think within the next year or so I could get my daily revenue to well over $100 and maybe a lot more without having to spend a penny. Still not enough to live off, but at least it will turn my low paid job from "barely enough money a week to pay the bills" to "we might actually get a holiday this year" :)

So if like me you want to increase your affiliate earnings without having to invest an arm and a leg on Internet marketing courses or cluba with monthly fees take a look at the Super Affiliate Handbook.